About Us



As a farmer's daughter born & bred, I have always had a complete love and respect for the countryside and a huge passion for exploring the great outdoors and embracing exciting, active outdoor pursuits that put me in the heart of nature. 

I love both the peace and exhilaration being outdoors can bring and I have always been game for trying new fun sports. I have had the pleasure and privilege of trying too many to list really, but for as long as I can remember my steadfast hobbies have always included horse riding, sailing, cycling, hiking and skiing; with fond childhood memories right through to present day.

Saddle Up & Do What You Love...


The origins of the EquiHerd brand certainly stemmed from my first love, which is of course horses and included a business directory for all equine businesses to showcase what they do.  Having now launched our own collection of outdoor country clothing, we have stepped into the next chapter of our business journey.

The Sky's the Limit...

Being able to combine my life-long love of horses with my passion for bringing quality, fashionable clothing to the market is such an exciting, fulfilling role and bringing our customers products they love is our driving force.

We want you to look & feel smart, stylish & comfortable in your new clothing, ready to embrace the hobbies you love and embrace the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

Thank you for being a part of EquiHerd, you are all such valued customers and I personally look forward to bringing you new & exciting products for the year ahead.

 Best Wishes, 

Melanie Jackson